Step-by-step: How to speak to your higher self⁠⠀

Tap into that higher state of consciousness that gives you 'gut feelings'

Imagine a friend coming to you for help. Maybe they're having relationship problems, work problems, diet problems, mindset problems, family problems, etc. You care about them so you give them the best advice you can. I'm willing to bet the advice you give them is pretty helpful. You are far enough from the situation to see things clearly but close enough that you truly want to help. ⁠⠀


That's the issue with handling our own problems... We're too close. Imagine staring at a painting with your nose touching the canvas. You have to back up to see the entire picture. ⁠⠀


Backing up is easier said than done. In order to truly get perspective we need to let go of attachments, judgments, and opinions. We need to approach the problem as an unbiased observer (at least as unbiased as possible). ⁠⠀


Sometimes it helps to imagine a friend coming to us with the same exact problem. What advice would you give your friend? Try to tap into your higher self. Tap into that higher state of consciousness that gives you "gut feelings". This higher state of consciousness is our subconscious mind. In order to access your subconscious, you just need to relax.⁠⠀


🔮How to speak directly to your HIGHER SELF🔮⁠⠀

- Sit down⁠⠀

- Get into a comfortable position that supports your head and neck⁠⠀

- Close your eyes⁠⠀

- Take a deep breath⁠⠀

- Count backward from 10, each lower number coinciding with each gentle exhale⁠⠀

- Ask your subconscious mind some questions and listen to the responses⁠⠀



If you find yourself wondering, "Am I just making these answers up? How do I know this is my higher consciousness?"⁠⠀



Yes, you are absolutely making these answers up, but it's not the same part of you that usually makes up answers. Your subconscious mind is a part of you, it's just a part of your consciousness that you don't normally communicate with directly. ⁠⠀


How do you you know this is your higher consciousness? Because your higher consciousness is your subconscious mind. When you are in a relaxed state (Alpha & Theta brain wave states) your subconscious mind is at the forefront.

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