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Certified hypnotist specializing in sports hypnosis for professional and competitive athletes Lia Nees joins the show. In an industry that has often carried a stigma and been plagued by misconceptions, Lia joins today’s show to set the record straight and offer a crash course as to what hypnosis is and isn’t. Having worked with a number of top tier athletes she explains how hypnosis can be used specifically to improve athletic performance.

Lia shares how hypnosis turned around her life and the experience that changed her own perceptions. She explains the neurological process taking place that enables hypnosis to reach your subconscious. She debunks many common misconceptions about the practice and explains how in some ways hypnosis is similar to that of meditation. In an effort to help athletes get in the zone, she gives a peek into how athletes can tap into their flow state at any time. Expounds on the most common reasons athlete’s come to her today and how you at home can get started immediately in the comfort of your own home right after listening.

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