Athletes I work with often struggle with these top 3 mindset issues:
  • Mentally working against yourself
  • Buying into the opinions and beliefs of others
  • Failure to put together a pre-game routine


Hi!  I’m Lia Nees, and my goal, through hypnosis and other techniques I have learned, is to help athletes master their minds and get on top of their game.


This is why I started the Athlete Mindset Mastery, a private Facebook group for serious-minded athletes competing in individual sports.  You may be a professional athlete, an amateur, striving to go pro, or a dedicated and ambitious athlete.  But you all have one thing in common.  You want to compete at your best and improve your overall performance.


You practice, practice, and practice.  And the last thing you want is for your mind to derail you on game day!

In the Athlete Mindset Mastery, you receive:

  • Ongoing tips and encouragement 

  • A community of like-minded athletes

  • Expert advice from top professionals

  • A place to build friendships, share your wins, and ask for help


If you want to live and compete with ease, confidence, and serenity, you’re in the right place.

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