Lia Nees, CH

Cephalo Hypnosis

NGH Certified hypnotherapist, hypnotic healer, and Past-Life Regression practitioner.


Lia Nees, CH

Lia is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy.  She helps you rewire neural-pathways to resolve habits that no longer serve, and replace them with a positive and powerful mindset.  She teaches how to directly communicate with the universe and with the subconscious mind as part of transforming physical and emotional blocks. She teaches each person how to connect and receive answers from their higher-self.  Lia provides a warm, comforting environment deepening transformative healing of each client. 



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Past Life Reading & Trauma Clearing

Lia taps into your spirit guides and higher-self to relay messages, information, and wisdom for the evolution and betterment of your soul’s journey.  She walks you through your past lives, highlighting patterns and traumas that carry over into your current life.  These sessions  look different for everyone because each soul is at a different place in their journey.  The information you receive can provide direction and clarity for this life and others.  



120 min Reading       $290

90 min Reading        $215

60 min Reading        $150


Past-Life Regression Therapy    

Give yourself the gift of breaking free from ineffective cycles.  Gain awareness of where past life issues, emotions and individuals impact your current life.  Through a process of deep relaxation using guided hypnosis, clients are able to access these past lives to discover their core issues to release fears and discover where gifts and talents originated. 

PLRT is based upon the premise that we are eternal beings, or souls, who carry forward experiences from one human lifetime to another. We unconsciously carry forward attitudes and relationship dynamics from prior lives into our current lifetime. Many times this is beneficial, as in cases where we just have a “knack” for numbers, or seem to master a new skill or area of study as if we already knew it. Other times, traumatic experiences from past losses and prior instilled fears are left unresolved. 

During a PLRT session with Lia, clients can heal from the past and release the emotional weight that holds them back.  They can then move forward with freedom, clarity and understanding of their strong attractions, patterns, fears and phobias.


Past-Life Regression Circle

(Circle lasts 120 minutes and may be held virtually in compliance with Covid restrictions)

Groups of 3-6                 $90 per person

Group of 7-12                   $70 per person


Individual PLRT Healing Session

120 min PLRT Healing Session            $275

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