Lia Nees c.h.

Hypnotic Healer

NGH Certified hypnotherapist, hypnotic healer, and Past-Life Regression practitioner.


Lia is currently only accepting clients through Four Moons Spa in Encinitas, CA.  To book an in-

person or virtual session please contact Four Moons Spa via their website, Instagram, or phone.



 Lia 's story:

Lia is a gifted hypnotic healer specializing in rewiring neural-pathways to resolve habits that no longer serve, and replace them with a positive and powerful mindset.  She teaches how to directly communicate with the universe and with the subconscious mind as part of transforming physical and emotional blocks. She teaches each person how to connect and receive answers from their higher-self.  Lia provides a warm, comforting environment deepening transformative healing of each client. She is known for helping professional athletes overcome stress and anxiety negatively impacting performance and also helps them improve their confidence with individualized resources for everyday life challenges.  


Lia’s journey to being a hypnotic healer began with her own healing process several years ago.  She was struggling to reach her goals and couldn’t get past her own fears and anxieties.  The smallest hitch would derail her. She felt stuck and overwhelmed watching everyone else around her thrive.  She tried using willpower, but any gains would be temporary and ultimately she would run out of willpower before attaining her goals.


Lia set off on a mission to learn about how the mind works.  She wanted to understand why our mind seems to work against us, and how to get it to work with us.


In her search to master her mindset, she came across hypnosis.  She learned the language of the subconscious and realized everything she had been doing wrong.  From then on, she felt like she had a secret mental superpower! She rapidly surpassed every single one of her goals - all without using willpower... And everyone started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR lives too.  Lia knew, at this time, her next goal would be to help others. 





Hypnotic Healing          

Lia uses hypnotherapy to help clients heal and rewire their minds at a subconscious level.  Our subconscious mind holds our long-term memory, emotions, feelings, habits, addictions, fears, anxiety, involuntary muscle movement, instincts, creativity, developmental stages, and muscle memory built up during our entire lifetime and possibly held over from past lives.  During Clients’ hypnosis sessions their subconscious naturally comes to the forefront to make deep and lasting changes pervading into the conscious mind when out of hypnosis.  Clients are taught how to tap into this naturally occurring phenomenon which happens daily when waking up, falling asleep, and going into meditative states.  Lia’s clients find improved sleep, better managed learning disorders, more effective communication, and resolved relationship issues, as well as gain strategies for handling pain management and other medical conditions such as digestive disorders, skin issues, and gastrointestinal side effects of pregnancy and chemotherapy.  


The first session entails:

  • Overview of what client would like to address.

  • Explanation of what hypnosis is (and isn’t).

  • Practice hypnosis session to provide the client the sensation of intentionally going into a hypnotic state.

  • Targeted hypnotic healing based on client’s specific needs.  

  • Instructions on how to complete self-hypnosis (for reinforcement between sessions and to deepen hypnotic state).  

  • First session must be 90 or 120 min, but follow-up sessions can be 60 minutes.

  • First session 120 min includes higher-self work. 

  • Follow-up 90 min and 120 min include higher-self work



120 min Hypnotic Healing Session       $290

90 min Hypnotic Healing Session        $215

60 min Hypnotic Healing Session        $150


Past-Life Regression Therapy    

Give yourself the gift of breaking free from ineffective cycles.  Gain awareness of where past life issues, emotions and individuals impact your current life.  Through a process of deep relaxation using guided hypnosis, clients are able to access these past lives to discover their core issues to release fears and discover where gifts and talents originated. 

PLRT is based upon the premise that we are eternal beings, or souls, who carry forward experiences from one human lifetime to another. We unconsciously carry forward attitudes and relationship dynamics from prior lives into our current lifetime. Many times this is beneficial, as in cases where we just have a “knack” for numbers, or seem to master a new skill or area of study as if we already knew it. Other times, traumatic experiences from past losses and prior instilled fears are left unresolved. 

During a PLRT session with Lia, clients can heal from the past and release the emotional weight that holds them back.  They can then move forward with freedom, clarity and understanding of their strong attractions, patterns, fears and phobias.


Past-Life Regression Circle

(Circle lasts 120 minutes and may be held virtually in compliance with Covid restrictions)

Groups of 3-6                 $90 per person

Group of 7-12                   $70 per person


Individual PLRT Healing Session

120 min PLRT Healing Session            $275



hypnotic yoga:


Hypnotic Yoga...

We will be using yoga asana as a way of priming our bodies for hypnosis.  Guided hypnosis feels very similar to guided meditation because they take place in the exact same brain-wave states (alpha and theta).  In these brain-wave states our subconscious mind automatically comes to the forefront, letting us communicate with it directly.  Things like long term memory, fears, habits, and anxiety all originated in our subconscious.  By using hypnosis we are able to make deep and lasting changes at a subconscious level, giving us quick results because we are targeting these obstacles at the source.  For the asana portion of this class all you will need is your mat and two blocks.  For the hypnosis portion please have a blanket, bolster/pillow for your head if you’d like, and whatever else you need to comfortably lay down on your mat.

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